Whenever it comes to execution nobody is looking for millions of results. We are looking for one result.

About Miljn

What if every challenge in life was supported by expert knowledge that guides us to the best possible result? When we face a challenge, the knowledge required to tackle it usually exists somewhere in the world already; we just don’t have access to it.

There has been no way to simultaneously give the best results to the user, support the interests of the expert who is sharing, and unlock the potential of all of our existing, implementable knowledge. Until now.

We are building an ecosystem that enables people to immediately act on the valuable expertise of others whenever it is required. It rewards the community of experts who share their knowledge digitally, using an interface design model optimized for clarity and instant do-ability.

We understand that to nurture this ecosystem it must be owned by a diverse, supportive community of users, creators, developers, and investors. That’s why we are building Miljn in Web 2.0 but will progressively move towards a decentralized Web 3.0 organization as the ecosystem grows.

Our offer

Is your mindset a fit for us?

About you

As an experienced full-stack engineer, you are comfortable with our backend stack of Laravel, Redis, and MySQL/PostgreSQL and have a good grip on our front-end technologies Vue.js 3.0, Vuex/Pinia, and Tailwind CSS.

You are well-grounded in DevOps - we use Linux, Ansible, Docker, Terraform, and others.

You love trying new stuff, and are able to adapt and experiment with cutting-edge technologies! You should be at least experimenting with blockchain technology and becoming familiar with ideally Rust, Web Assembly, and the Internet Computer.

You are a good communicator, or working on it. You will work closely with the Technology Lead and fellow developers on the public-facing Miljn web application. As a growing team, it is essential to share ideas and concerns and listen as well as we speak.

<aside> 💡 Feeling your skills don’t match but your mindset as described above is in the right place, PLEASE apply anyway.


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